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Link: Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide

Excellent book offered for free covering an exhaustive list of topics on Linux system installation, administration and maintenance. Includes tips and tricks specific to running a desktop installation of Debian »

Link: Arch Linux Security Hardening and Other Tweaks

A nice collection of important settings, tweaks, design choices and things to consider to improve the security of Arch Linux. Linux Security Hardening and Other TweaksA collection of kernel and »

Howto: Install Snap Package Manager on Arch Linux

Snap is a package manager from Canonical the makers of Ubuntu. Using it is considered a poor choice by some in the Linux community because of various design decisions considered »

Howto: Rescue Arch Linux with arch-chroot and a USB Drive

Arch Linux runs on a rolling update system, so when you update the system, you are often receiving very new patches which might have undiscovered bugs. Occasionally you will be »

Howto: Pick a Linux Distro

Use the Distrochooser website to select your Linux distribution. Answer the questions honestly and you will be given a good selection of final distro choices. DistrochooserThe Distrochooser helps you to »