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Howto: Delete Social Media and Other Accounts

If you are trying to delete an old or unused social media or other account, then you need the Just Delete Me website to help you determine the steps needed »

Howto: Code the Insertion Sort in the C Language + Insertion Sort Tutorial

The insertion sort is a simple algorithm which can sort an unsorted array of numbers into a sorted array. Insertion sort has a performance complexity of O(n2) The algorithm »

Howto: Install balenaEtcher on Arch Linux for Flashing OS Images to USB Drives

A very common task in the Linux world is flashing USB drives with an OS image, required for installation or repair, or a self-contained toolkit useful for system maintenance or »

Howto: Install Krusader Two-Pane File Manager on Arch Linux

Krusader is an excellent two-pane (commander style) file manager available on many distributions. It is useful when managing a large number of files and will increase you productivity when doing »

Howto: Packing Like a Pro for Long Term Travel

It is perhaps the most stressful part of preparation for new travelers: what to bring? And with good reason—efficient, thoughtful packing can make or break your trip and feeling »