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Howto: Connecting Multiple Power Supplies for Powering Eurorack

Watch the following video to learn about connecting multiple power supplies by tying the binding post of the ground reference to the positive output terminal. This is a great trick »

Howto: Zookeeper Cheatsheet

First install Zookeeper on Arch GNU/Linux. $ yay -S zookeeper Then connect to the server. $ -server <server> List all keys recursively. $ ls -R / List the specified »

Link: Low-Latency Performance Tuning on AMD64/x86_64

A guide for low-latency performance tuning on AMD64/x86_64, particularly useful for high-frequency trading. Low latency tuning guideThis guide describes how to tune your AMD64/x86_64 hardware and »

Howto: Delete Social Media and Other Accounts

If you are trying to delete an old or unused social media or other account, then you need the Just Delete Me website to help you determine the steps needed »

Howto: Code the Insertion Sort in the C Language + Insertion Sort Tutorial

The insertion sort is a simple algorithm which can sort an unsorted array of numbers into a sorted array. Insertion sort has a performance complexity of O(n2) The algorithm »